Santo Sangre Peyote Rock EP

Santo Sangre – Peyote Rock

Brand new single from Santo Sangre, continuing with his signature indigenous sound, Peyote Rock brings a b-boy drum-pattern flair to the house party and introduces a variety of ambient layers, providing the listener with another perspective on the Santo Sangre domain.

The original track is accompanied by his very talented friends remixing the haunting vocals, bass kicking head nodder to another dimension. Starting off with Mexico’s street-tech child, Mijo takes the track and dubs it into a techno rave jammy, sure to keep the all nighters stomping up a sweat. Next up is the SF local duo Slope114. Dmitri and Elise purposely twist it up into a nicely phat San Francisco house blunt, to keep the dance floor warm for the upcoming winter months. To round out the single, bad man Anderson Chase takes it and runs, turning it into a 303 true stepper, giving it some funky life for the heads in the back of the club. Overall, a nice single that has a sound, shaped for that unique set, succeeding in breaking from the usual electronic music format, in true San Francisco fashion.

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