Santo Sangre Indigenous EP
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Santo Sangre – Indigenous

Santo Sangre repeats himself with an unhurried tribal sound of the grimy, ominous beats that the producer is know for while seeking ongoing spiritual comfort in the physical plane. He’s joined by SunRu who weaves bursts of kinetic energy with vocals and chants that haunt the soundtracks.

The album’s title “Indigenous” refers to both the artists’ desire to channel their blood lines and to tap into the medicine of their music. Both SunRu and Santo Sangre have a thirst for the primordial and are feverishly seeking the power of tones and hertz to help audiences explore the universal sound wave of ONE.

“Suka Free” pays homage to their beloved Bay Area, with wraith-like frequencies, fibrillating pulses and rhythmic percussions, imitating the daily life on the streets of San Francisco. SunRu fluidly weaves together melodies from words to chants, bringing a trance-like atmosphere throughout the track.

The track “333 Free” taps into the overflowing power and energy celebrated by the artists’ acknowledgement of their inner truth. SunRu delivers internal monologue with a message to eliminate the things in life that are no longer bringing happiness and pleasure. So pay heed to your inner truth and use it to fulfill your purpose within this universe. Overall, the release is slated for a generation of electronic-music aficionados looking for something different but still familiar.

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