Indy Nyles – BLK SYSTEM

Indy Nyles delivers four tracks of contemporary sounding techno. Track one, “BLK HRT” is a fluid amalgam of rolling, glassy synth tones — not unlike those in Robert Hood’s “Detroit: One Circle” — tough, tribal-accented drums, and a coarse, grating and metallic bass line. This one will work the floor and be a great addition to any self-respecting techno DJ’s set. 

“BLK MND” is an exercise in similar territory as the previous track but some of the rough corners are shaved off to allow room for a snaking acid line that begins to emerge a mere 30 seconds in. Hollow, clicking synth tones, which sound like plastic billiard balls hitting each other, fly around the 303 squelch in a naggingly and orderly manner. The beat is a simple kick drum march that gives the acid the space to really do its thing. It is soon joined by haunting strings that widen the extent of its squelch while bringing a dreamy quality to the track that will make it a winner on any crowded dance floor at 4 AM, or any hour for that matter. 

Track three is “BLK SOL,” a shuffling, rolling, acid track, which lacks a conventional four to the floor kick but is still a fantastic beat tool for the creative DJ. It has the structure of broken beat coupled with the percussive approach of the Afro-accented house that appeared in the late ‘90s but expressed through techno textures and pulsing acid. It could be the perfect accompaniment to Nyles’s remix from the previous Sirena Negra release. 

The EP closes with “BLK SYSTM,” which features a gorgeous, lush, beatless intro, like the stunning opening segments that used to grace Detroit tracks of yore. At the 1 minute and 32 seconds mark this blissful ambience gives way to a ritual beating system that bounds energetically through a circling swarm of melodic, delicate keys. This one deserves a damned good rinsing again and again and again.

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